Adopting the Right DevOps Tools for You and Your Team

Devoxx San Jose | March 2017

Matt Makai | mattmakai on GitHub

Twilio Developer Evangelist | Full Stack Python author

Question #1

Do you know a developer who strongly recommends a tool after [4]+ years?

Question #2

What is the difference between a concept and an implementation?

Question #3

How many people on your team get stoked about making incremental fixes to your technical environment?

Question #4

Are you working with software people, or process people?

Test automation

Concepts: test runners, coverage, mocks

Python implementations: unittest, pytest, Nose, mock, coverage


Ubuntu Linux command

sudo apt-get install python-dev supervisor

Ansible Config Management YAML

- name: install python-dev, supervisor pkgs
    name: python-dev supervisor
    state: present

Question #5

How many times per day does your team deploy to production?

Question #6

Who on your team gets excited about continuous delivery?

Question #7

What is the top specific impediment to completely automating your deployments?

Question #8

What percentage of your errors do you know about before your users?


Question #9

What metrics do you collect that feed into every sprint?

Question #10

Can you spend money to solve some of your issues?

Matt Makai

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