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Agile Development
In the Federal Government
Matthew Makai
Excella Consulting
September 28, 2012

Why You Should Pay Attention

  • Agile works
  • Constant actions
  • Problem -> Solution -> Example
  • Great resources

Agile works
Constant Actions

1. Build trust

Identify the value


2. Educate

3. Set expectations


"Everything is high priority"

"Nothing is a priority"

Iron Triangle

Problem -> Solution -> Example

1. Contract structure

Indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ)

Release 1 -> Release 2 ->
Release 3 -> ...
Task Order 1 -> Task Order 2 ->
Task Order 3 -> ...

Fixed price contracts

Flexibility through story points

$800k contract - 280 story points of functionality

Swap functionality by mutual agreement

Enterprise-wide new requirements

Contract should have a clause for compliance as of contract signing

New compliance requirements can be swapped for functionality

2. Competing contractors

Tone is set from the top

Mix team members' roles

Reinforce the common goal

3. Team communication

Sit team members together

Conduct honest retrospectives free from retribution

Great Resources

Government Accountability Office Agile Report

Project Retrospectives: Success, Failure, and Everything In Between

Federal Agile Solutions Blog

Contact Information

Matthew Makai
Excella Consulting