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R2-D2 or Skynet? Combining Slack Bots with the Twilio API

This is a rough transcript along with the slides from our SIGNAL 2016 talk from May 24, 2016.

You can also find the slides without notes on my tech talks page. The code for the bot is open sourced under the MIT ... read more

My 2016 Year Ahead in Software Development

With my 2015 software development year in review done, I'm going to use this post to try something new: looking ahead at the big picture for what I want to accomplish in software throughout 2016. While I have a lot personally to look forward to in this year, ... read more

My 2015 Software Development Year in Review

The end of the year is a good time to step back and take stock of everything accomplished throughout the past 365 days. This software development year in review post continues the retrospectives I performed in 2012, read more

PyCon WSGI Deployment Adventure Links

At PyCon 2015 in Montreal, Kate Heddleston and I presented Choose Your Own WSGI Deployment Adventure.

If you'd like to create your own Choose Your Own Adventure ... read more

Resources for WebSockets with Python

Before you learn node.js to handle WebSockets or any type of full-duplex client-server communication, check out some Python options first. In this post I'll lay out some of the resources that I found most helpful for getting started coding Python web applications that use WebSockets.

It's not necessary to have seen either talk but ... read more

My 2014 Software Development Year in Review

2014 was a solid year for improving my software development abilities. This year was different from past years because I moved completely out of software consulting and into coding open source projects.

This post will briefly cover my highlights from 2014 and go into the insights I gained from my work throughout the year. I'll cover ... read more

My Typical Day As A Developer Evangelist

"What is a typical day like?" is one of the most common questions I receive about my gig as a Twilio Developer Evangelist. This blog post explains how I schedule my calendar when I'm in Washington, ... read more

Women Who Code DC Workshop

Hello and welcome to the Women Who Code DC Twilio API workshop for the 2014 Hour of Code week! In this workshop we're going to learn how to send and receive text messages (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS) and voice calls to any phone number ... read more

Brain Boosting

In college, I was never one to take adderal or ritalin to cram all night before an exam. That no-sleep study route sounded miserable to me. I was the unusual student who slowly and steadily worked every single day in the library towards inevitable midterms and finals. Nevertheless, increasing brain creativity and focus through exercise, ... read more

Learning Web APIs

The following list is a collection of resources for understanding and learning Web fundamentals and application programming interfaces (APIs). Much of modern software development is driven by crafting custom code and combining that code with APIs. The concepts listed here are useful for adapting your career in an age when web APIs are ... read more

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