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Focusing on Full Stack Python

In late December I sat down to write my annual personal software development year-in-review post, like I had in 2016 and previous years. However, my excitement for writing the 2017 post just was not there compared to 2016. I could not put my finger on why not because I was really energized to write the 5 Years of Full Stack Python retrospective blog post.

After some reflection, I realized that the majority of my open source development focus lately has been on Full Stack Python, perhaps to the detriment of investments in other personal software development-related capabilities.

Once I figured out the issue I knew the right course of action. I am going to double down on my Full Stack Python (FSP) work rather than worry about how exactly I'm personally investing in my own skillset. Sometimes you need to recognize where your passion lies and right now I am really excited about what I am working on for FSP.

The amount of time I have to work is severely limited until April due to my full-time focus on paternity leave so staying focsued on my most important project (and related efforts like FSP videos with Talk Python to Me) feels like the best way to go for at least the remainder of 2018. In addition, that means I likely will not be writing any more posts on this site for awhile.

Now back to all those new bits I have planned to add to the Full Stack Python project...

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