Matt Makai - Python web dev & Twilio Developer Evangelist.

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About Matt Makai

I'm a software developer based in San Francisco, California currently serving the incredible Twilio Developer Network crew as the West Coast Developer Evangelism Manager.


Every year I pick a major side project to sink my teeth into to expand my software development abilities. For 2016, my side project is working with Michael Kennedy on the upcoming Python for Entrepreneurs video course.

In 2015 I continued the work I originally began in 2012 on Full Stack Python while I also wrote a new book about web application deployments called The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments. Throughout 2014 my side project was building Full Stack Python into a great resource for anyone interested in learning about Python web application development.

In 2013 my project was Coding Across America. I road tripped for 5 months to 30 cities across the United States to talk with fellow software developers and tech startups. In 2012 I built a Django application called ProofDriven that calculated the return on investment for IT purchases.

Software Development

My primarily technology skill set is in the Python ecosystem. My secondary programming capabilities are with Swift and iOS to build mobile apps. In a past life I worked primarily with the JVM stack with Java and Clojure, but now I typically use Python whenever I want to build a web application or API.



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