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PyCon WSGI Deployment Adventure Links

At PyCon 2015 in Montreal, Kate Heddleston and I presented Choose Your Own WSGI Deployment Adventure.

If you'd like to create your own Choose Your Own Adventure presentations, all the code is open source and there are blog posts detailing how the code was written. Here are the links to get you going:

For the topics we covered during the talk, and the many other deployment subjects we did not explain, make sure to check out Full Stack Python. These pages in particular will be useful if you want to learn about deploying and running WSGI applications:

Also, there's a huge table of contents that lays out every subject categories. Don't forget that Full Stack Python itself is also open source!

We hope that our Choose Your Own WSGI Deployment Adventure talk made you laugh and maybe learn a little bit more about Python web application deployments.

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