Python Lessons Learned From Roadtripping the US for 5 Months

DjangoCon 2013 Lightning Talk

Matt Makai / @mattmakai



March 9 - August 9

Miles driven



Meeting with Startups

Python & Django Groups

  • Django District, DC Python
  • Memphis Python
  • Austin Python
  • San Diego Python
  • Omaha Python
  • Boston Django

Lessons Learned (1/5)

Python community inclusiveness

Lessons Learned (2/5)

Hook in to communities while traveling

Lessons Learned (3/5)

Local communities need strong leaders

Lessons Learned (4/5)

Amazing diversity of software development

Lessons Learned (5/5)

Washington, D.C. introductions

An offer to developers visiting D.C.

Map of Local Resources

External Resources

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Matt Makai / @mattmakai

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