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Django Deployment Adventure Links

The following list is a collection of resources for Django deployments and scenarios like handling web security vulnerabilities, measuring user traction" with web analytics, improving web application performance with caching and managing incoming feature requests from users.

Many of these resources along with more detailed explanations can be found on Full Stack Python.

These links go along with our Choose Your Own Django Deployment Adventure talk.

Django Deployments

Web Application Security

  • The official Django security docs page provides a good overview of security features baked into Django.
  • Reading Django and the OWASP Top 10 and watching Jacobian's talk on Django vs the OWASP Top 10 provide further insight into how Django assists with the top web application vulnerabilities.
  • Firesheep is a plugin that sniffs user session cookies if there are unencrypted pages after a user has logged in. That allows user session spoofing. Heartbleed is an OpenSSL bug prior to the latest versions where memory exploits could leak server data without any trace of what was taken.
  • Secure Django reviews are expensive but potentially help in enterprise environments where money is not a concern.

Measuring User Traction

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